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Who The F&@k Do We
Think We Are?


Sail Junky is more an idea than it is a thing. Started by me, Mike D., this site is focused on articles for those that are new to sailing or old salts. But the biggest thing is there are no stupid questions, no ridicule for wanting to know more about sailing, and promoting those that have knowledge about sailing to share it with others. It is most definitely not a stuffy, uppity, brass buttony, yacht clubby scene

It's amazing how many people are reaching out with their encouragement. It's also funny that some are nay-sayers. "What makes you qualified to start a sailing magazine?" It's the whole premise of this magazine. We're not, yet we are doing it anyways. This whole thing is about the journey.. and we the dreamers are going to listen to our dreams rather than the reasons why others (and even ourselves) say it cannot be done.


My sailing experience is very limited, but I have recently re-found my love for the art of the lifestyle/sport.

I am immersed in studying about sailing and taking any chance to get on board. I love the technical skills needed, the art of navigation, and the mechanical aptitude required. I am consuming every book, article, pod-cast, and video I can to learn more.. all with a goal to set out and see the world.

So this site is an experiment to share articles by myself and others about the topics and discussions that support that dream.

I hope to have others join me.

- Mike D.


Mike D.

Noob Sailing Enthusiast 

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