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Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Sail Junky is more an idea than it is a thing. It is focused on articles for those that are new to sailing or old salts. But the biggest thing is there are no stupid questions, no ridicule for wanting to know more about sailing, and promoting those that have knowledge about sailing to share it with others.

This idea is a community of friendly people, be that sailors, people that offer innovative solutions, whatever. So we are reaching out for your thoughts. Do you have a story about sailing, learning to sail, a journey? Do you know of, or make, or sell an innovative product that we sailing newbies could benefit to hear about? Is there a podcast or YouTube channel that has you excited? Bring it on.

This site is an experiment to provide articles about the topics and discussions that support the dream of finding a purpose filled life, with sailing as a medium for that adventure. It's about building a community, curating interesting and valuable information, and sharing with people that are passionate about life, sailing, and doing good things. We will do our best to keep the trolls at bay.

We are Offering $100 for each contributor article we include on the site this summer (2022).

We've set the tone for the kind of articles we like so if you feel like you have something to offer we are all ears. Content is subject to editorial review, so if you have a sample you would like to submit, reach out to us HERE and we will review it and get back to you ASAP.

Maybe you have an interesting, motivating, or inspirational story to tell and we can interview you. That's also an option.

Let's chat about what you are passionate about. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Mike D. is the founder of Sail Junky Magazine. Striving to find more purpose in life, Mike writes and shares about his journey to rediscover his passion for living a fulfilled life, especially through the medium of sailing.

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