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INTERVIEW: Captain Paul Foer - Sail Coaching

“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” - Otto Von Bismarck

For those that are passionate about learning to sail, the path can be somewhat confusing. Taking sailing lessons like ASA 101 and 103 are very beneficial but it's easy to recognize while you are out there learning the basics that it is just the tip of the iceberg.

While it is possible to cast the lines and learn the lessons needed by trial and error, there is coaching available to learn many of the lessons that seasoned sailors know. The benefit of this has multiple value points: Safety, increased proficiency, and a faster route to meet your sailing goals.

Captain Paul Foer is such a coach. He works with his clients to coach them on general sailing techniques, sailing their specific boats, and making them more proficient. He also consults with his clients on purchasing a boat to be sure they are purchasing the correct vessel for their needs.

Being new to sailing, I have found that reaching out for advice online such as Facebook groups can be hit and miss. Often times questions submitted are met with ridicule and even worse, wrong advice. But sail coaching is the faster path to learning not only the correct fundamentals, but also the pro-tips for your specific boat, your local sailing grounds, and your actual gaps in knowledge.

Because I have a dream to take my boat on a loop around the Atlantic I fully intend to be prepared for such a trip and learning from others to protect the viability of that dream. Paul is included in that list of people that I will engage to be sure I am as prepared as I can be.

If you are looking to master the operation of your vessel, up-leveling your seamanship, or consulting on the pre or post purchase of your boat, visit Captain Paul's site and reach out. He's a helluva' nice guy, incredibly knowledgeable, and can coach you the knowledge & training you need in a focused way.




Mike D. is the founder of Sail Junky Magazine. Striving to find more purpose in life, Mike writes and shares about his journey to rediscover his passion for living a fulfilled life, especially through the medium of sailing.

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