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The moment I stepped on board my boat I knew I had to have her. Impulse took over and I dove into the deep end. She was an older solidly built boat and inexpensive. I have found out that only one of those statements is true. But show me a cruising sailboat that isn't expensive.. doesn't exist.

I have been fortunate to meet Captain Paul Foer ( this past year and he and I have been talking regularly about my goals, ambitions, and general plans around sailing. I work with Paul in a few aspects, one being sail coaching that I am doing on his boat 'Non Sea-Quitter'. She is a classic Morgan 382 designed by noted naval architect Ted Brewer and built in Florida in 1980.

Paul also agreed to come by my boat to give me some consulting on my purchase and advice on getting her ready for sailing. Paul has a wealth of knowledge and is also very well connected with many subject matter experts in the Annapolis area to provide me the guidance and support I need to make my sailing dreams a reality.

This video series is a 3 part series that documents the consulting Paul provided on my 1972 Pearson 36 'Magick Byrd'.

Part one focuses on the hull and running gear, Part two is about general systems and the deck, and in part three we go below deck and evaluate the cabin and engine.

We feel this series is valuable for people to see what a consultation might look like and to get a sense on the value of working with someone who can guide people towards finding the right boat for their individual needs. "Every boat is a compromise" as I've heard from Captain Paul as well as the famous sailor Matt Rutherford whom I also get advice from.



Mike D. is the founder of Sail Junky Magazine. Striving to find more purpose in life, Mike writes and shares about his journey to rediscover his passion for living a fulfilled life, especially through the medium of sailing.

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