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What’s Your Story?

We’ve said it before but we will keep trying. We hope that we can get others to share their sailing stories here on SailJunky. While I started the site as a side project to scratch my creative itch, I’m really hoping that others will join me and share their stories, insights, ramblings, whatever. You will retain the rights of whatever you submit. I will promote the stories on social media.. all in an attempt to build a community of like-minded people that enjoy sharing their journeys.

It can be technical, insightful, funny, serious, whatever..

Let’s get something cool going. Let’s build a community that isn’t about click-bait look-at-me vapid crap.. Let’s create something real, personal, and valuable.

Maybe I’m a dreamer.. but maybe.. just maybe.. some nice people will get together and start sharing / supporting / encouraging / inspiring each other. That’s it.

Click here to reach out with your story. It matters.

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